Georgiana // Family

I am so stoked to share this gorgeous family with you all here today, since I am just over the moon excited about these images! I’ve been photographing this sweet couple from engagement to wedding to maternity – and now as a family of 3.  Georgiana (aka- Georgie) is pure sunshine and I fell in love with her instantly – as I imagine everyone who meets her does. Plus the cotton candy colors of summer nights mixed with film is just beyond.

TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot001 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot002 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot003 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot004 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot005 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot006 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot007 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot008 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot009 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot010 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot011 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot012 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot013 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot014 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot015 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot016 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot017 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot018 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot019 TopangaBeach_film_photoshoot020

Canon Eos 3 // HP5 & Fuji 400h // processing and scanning by The Find Lab