Nina & Mike // Love

When I found out my buddies, Mike and Nina got engaged, my first thought was that I just HAD to photograph them. They are both so freakin cool and are always inspiring me with their wild adventures. And when they aren’t traveling, they live in this sweet Venice Beach pad, just a block from the boardwalk! My goal was to keep it real and document this rad couple just being themselves. Their babe, Bijoux, also joined us on our sunset adventure.

Venice_film_photoshoot001Venice_film_photoshoot002Venice_film_photoshoot003Venice_film_photoshoot009Venice_film_photoshoot004 Venice_film_photoshoot006 Venice_film_photoshoot005Venice_film_photoshoot008 Venice_film_photoshoot011Venice_film_photoshoot007Venice_film_photoshoot012Venice_film_photoshoot013 Venice_film_photoshoot014 Venice_film_photoshoot015Venice_film_photoshoot017Venice_film_photoshoot018 Venice_film_photoshoot020Venice_film_photoshoot026Venice_film_photoshoot024Venice_film_photoshoot022Venice_film_photoshoot021Venice_film_photoshoot025

Shot on Fuji 400h & Tri x 400    //  Film processed by The FIND lab