Owen // Newborn

I has such a great time photographing this family a year and a half ago and was thrilled when I got an email from Melissa saying that baby #2 was on the way! I love their relaxed style and bright home – plus these 2 little guys are just beyond cute.

These photos were also just featured on my favorite family blog, 100 layer cakelet, which I am totally smitten about! Yaay!

OwenWolf_blog023 OwenWolf_blog029OwenWolf_blog003 OwenWolf_blog006OwenWolf_blog030 OwenWolf_blog009OwenWolf_blog034OwenWolf_blog007OwenWolf_blog016 OwenWolf_blog017OwenWolf_blog031OwenWolf_blog015OwenWolf_blog001OwenWolf_blog002 OwenWolf_blog037OwenWolf_blog040OwenWolf_blog025 OwenWolf_blog042OwenWolf_blog010 OwenWolf_blog039OwenWolf_blog033 OwenWolf_blog012 OwenWolf_blog011OwenWolf_blog026OwenWolf_blog008 OwenWolf_blog022