Sue & Nate // Love

I photographed Sue & Nate’s wedding a couple years back and it was one of THE  most fun, creative, and emotional wedding that I’ve been lucky enough to shoot, so far. Let’s just say that I cried. ALOT. They are a bit quirky with an old fashion vibe going on, so I just had to get them in front of my camera when I started shooting film again.  When I arrived at their sweet home, they confided in me that they were expecting (I may have cried again, haha) so that just made the whole shoot that much more magical.

The week of this shoot,  LA was brutally hot, so nibbling on watermelon and being outdoors after the sun dropped was perfect. Of course,  I couldn’t help but to get a couple shots utilizing the watermelon as a prop since there was no obvious belly yet ;) SO excited for you, Sue & Nate!!

Film developed & scanned by  the FIND lab // Canon eos-3 // Portra 400


LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_001 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_002 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_003 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_004 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_005 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_006 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_007 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_008 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_009 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_010 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_011 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_012 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_013 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_014 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_015 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_016 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_017 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_018 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_019 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_020 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_021LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_023 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_022 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_025 LosAngeles_film_photoshoot_SN_026