Vlada & Miguel // Engagement

Hello there and thanks for stopping by! Today I am inspired to share a engagement sesh that I shot a few months back that I just looooove. Nothing quite like sunshine, salty sea air, and lots of smiles to make a photoshoot.  A big THANKS to the amazing beach house tenant that gifted Vlada and Miguel a bottle of champagne to drink during the shoot! She was right, it did make the photos even more romantic.

Topanga_Engagement_VM005 Topanga_Engagement_VM004 Topanga_Engagement_VM032 Topanga_Engagement_VM011 Topanga_Engagement_VM009 Topanga_Engagement_VM016Topanga_Engagement_VM019 Topanga_Engagement_VM020 Topanga_Engagement_VM022Topanga_Engagement_VM1 Topanga_Engagement_VM025 Topanga_Engagement_VM030Topanga_Engagement_VM037 Topanga_Engagement_VM040IMG_9390Topanga_Engagement_VM038IMG_9266